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How Iit Works

We are proud to introduce you the U.S. Pharmacy Corporate Wellness and Discount Benefit program. This program allows you to provide the most comprehensive discount benefit program in the market place.

The U.S. Pharmacy Corporate Wellness and Discount Benefit program offers a prescription discount card that allows members to save up to 80% on their medications at over 59,000 pharmacies!

In addition to that, you can choose up to 4 benefits to include with your prescription discount card

You can now offer our wellness and discount benefits program to your clients, employees, members or any other interested user. The card can be used as an added benefit to existing health insurance (including filling the gap in the Medicare donut-hole), or as a stand-alone benefit for those without insurance coverages. Our team will assist with planning and development of private labeled card and communication strategies. Our program is fast and easy to implement and can be branded with your business’s logo.

The U.S. Pharmacy Card is owned and operated by Financial Marketing Concepts (FMC) established in 1997. The U.S. Pharmacy Card offers prescription savings options while improving health outcomes. The card has provided millions of dollars in savings on prescription drugs for its program users. We are excited about how our card is helping consumers.

We look forward to doing business with you!