Prescription Card

Save up to 65% on individual prescriptions!


Your family can save up to 40% annually on your prescriptions!


Can be used immediately -- there is no paperwork to complete -- including no registrations!


     The Facts

➤  Today's prescribed medications are more effective than ever before, unfortunately they are also more expensive. The growing need for prescription drugs is placing tremendous financial pressure on the uninsured, especially seniors.

➤  The cost of prescription drugs is rising faster than other health care costs

 Medicare Part D requires monthly premiums and does not cover all medications.

     How the U.S. Pharmacy Rx Card Helps:

In cooperation with major chain pharmacies throughout the country, the U.S. Pharmacy Rx Card provides access to discounts for uninsured and underinsured individuals.  Simply take your prescription savings card to one of the participating pharmacies to obtain savings on your needed medications.

     Program Benefits Include:

➤  Save up to 65% on most prescriptions!

 No Long Term Contracts!

➤  No Health Questions!

➤  Accepted at over 59,000 chain pharmacies!

➤  100% of Discount Passed Directly to Cardholder!

➤  No Annual Discount Limits!

➤  Save on Brand and Generic Medications!

➤  Save on Drugs not Covered in Other Plans!

➤  No Registrations!

➤  No Deductibles!

➤  No Expiration Date!

➤  Card Can be Used by Entire Family!  

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